Giraffe - The View From Here

Giraffe - The View From Here

Available for the first time in more than 24 years Giraffe’s second CD The View From Here. This version is the entire CD as it was originally released.

This CD contains early versions of some of the material on TSOTT and Thud. The CD has been meticulously re-mastered from the original analog tapes. That and advances in CD technology have made this version much better sounding than the original. It is a must have for all KG fans.

One interesting note: Many of the original The View From Here CDs would not play making a playable version an even rarer commodity.

    • Home
    • Progress
    • From Here To There
    • All Fall Down
    • The Way Back Home
    • Waiting For The Rain
    • Holding On with Both Hands
    • I Will Survive
    • Air Dance
    • Welcome Home

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    The Power Of Suggestion
    The View From Here
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