Beware Of Darkness

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This, Spock's Beard second album is the most experimental so far, making good use of sound samples and effects, but despite this 'Beware Of Darkness' is a very melodic album with some great songs. The album opens with the title track, a George Harrison song, which begins with an intense discordancy which subsides, as the vocals come in, into a beautifully smooth backing track which, while alternating with the Hammond organ sound, is interspersed with some strange noises and screams - this really is an achievement, a masterful bringing together of many disparate sounds into one delicious whole.

This is, in my opinion, a very fine album - truly progressive in that Spock's Beard take what has gone before and produce something new and fresh. This album retains the spirit of the first album 'The Light' while delivering a whole new substance. On a topical note, just remember, when the eclipse happens, next week ... Beware The Darkness!!! -Marisa, New Horizons

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