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  Canine Classics Volume 1!
This 28 page, full color casebound book and CD, contains 11 time tested hit songs with new, humorous doggie lyrics. “SPCA” (to the tune of “YMCA”), “Walk Like A Dalmatian,” “Labradoodle Dandy,” plus 8 more, are sure to get your tail wagging! The music was produced by noted San Francisco band leader Dick Bright along with Tommy Dunbar of power pop legends The Rubinoos. They recruited some of the Bay Area's top vocal talent to create a sound that will make it a favorite of dog lovers everywhere! Three time Grammy® Award winning Art Director Hugh Brown has created a unique package that includes an “album cover” photo for each song. Put these photogenic pooch pictures alongside the lyrics and you've got a grrrrrr-eat Book/CD combo!

  Spock's Beard
Spock's Beard combines the outstanding musicianship and adventurous musical spirit of the progressive-rock giants of the '70s with a powerful, instantly accessible sense of melody. New Horizons says, "I can't recommend this more highly - this is brilliant!" Pop Plus One carries the titles "V" and "Beware of Darkness"

The Rockets
The Rockets are far more than just an early venue for Eddie Money. They were a quintessential rock band of the 70s. The other members include Santana alumnus Chris Solberg on bass, top recording and mastering engineer John Cuniberti on drums and “rockonteur” Dan Alexander on guitar. Any fan of Eddie or just plain great classic rock music cannot miss this release.

  Psycotic Pineapple
After decades of petulant negotiations, the original, long lost, legendary Psycotic Pineapple album, Where's The Party? has finally been released on CD in a special 48 page, hardbound, full color, high quality, art book package.

Also from the universe of San Francisco Bay Area's legendary '70s-era band Psycotic Pineapple comes an eyecatching collection of t-shirts, along with the book "The Art of John Seabury Vol. 1."

Fanny At Chez Panisse
This charming Berkeley-based musical is based on the popular children's book about a young girl growing up in the hustle and bustle of her mother's restaurant. Pop Plus One carries the Original Cast Recording.
Kyle Vincent
Kyle Vincent is a triple threat - a stellar vocalist, a top-notch songsmith, and an imaginative and masterful pop producer. His latest CD, the self-released "Wow & Flutter," was hailed by Billboard Magazine as "a pop music house that could stand on the same street as The Raspberries or Savage Garden." Pop Plus One carries the titles "Solitary Road" and "Tell It Goodbye," along with a release from Kyle's former band Candy, "Teenage Neon Jungle."

Scott Smith
Fans of Giraffe will want to check out the new release "Tales From The Treefort" by Scott Smith.

Lucy Lee
Hooky retro-pop with a wry sense of humor from a singer with a great voice. Pop Plus One carries the title "How Else Can This Story Go?"
Vox Pop
Vox Pop, made up of 3 Rubinoos and 1 Psycotic Pineapple, offers sparkling pop compositions heavy on the harmonies, with detours into cool jazz and rootsy rock. Amplifier Magazine says, "With Vox Pop, Tommy Dunbar and his cohorts aim for the moon and hit it," and Goldmine calls the album "bright, crisp, shiny and ageless pop music." Pop Plus One carries the United States and Japanese versions of their self-titled debut release.

What if Elvis Presley were alive today? We like to think he'd be putting his personal stamp on the hits of the last thirty years. Kingtinued will give you a good idea what that would sound like. And just in at Pop Plus One - Kingtinued - The Lost Recordings Volume 1 and Volume 2!
Duncan Faure
Perhaps best known for his stint as the frontman for the Bay City Rollers, South African musician Duncan Faure evokes the classic guitar pop of bands like the Beatles and the Raspberries in his irresistible solo work. Pop Plus One carries the title "Pronounced Four-Uh"
Dave Seabury
Funhouse, the debut CD release by East Bay musician Dave Seabury explores a myriad of musical styles. Imagine the fingerpicking guitar style of Mississippi John Hurt and John Fahey colliding with the more psychedelic elements of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Dave recorded, produced, and played all of the instruments on Funhouse.

Elliot Kendall
"Big Band, Rock N' Roll, Jump N' Jive, Skiffle, Swing, Cavern Club Power Pop, it's all!" says Bob Crewe, producer of The Four Seasons of the high-energy style Elliot Kendall calls "Powerjive." Record Collector magazine says, "Wonderfully inventive, wildly eclectic... a musical triumph." Pop Plus One carries the title "Le Hot Show".
Roger Clark
This singer/songwriter/producer is known for his wry pop songs and thrift-shop productions. Leader of notorious '70s mock rock group Little Roger & the Goosebumps, whose "Stairway to Gilligan's Island" made them Led Zeppelin targets and Trivial Pursuit immortals. Pop Plus One also carries the 2006 release from Little Roger & the Goosebumps, "They Hate Us Cuz We're Beautiful," and the Roger Clark CD "Sensitive Guy "," and vinyl EP"The Folk Process"."
Rob Smith
The solo debut by the guitar-playing, singing member of Tasmanian band the Innocents delivers the high caliber of jangly, melodic pop you've come to expect from Tasmania (even though he lives in Sydney). Rob's music is his own, but for those who like comparisons (or like to trace influences) one can hear unmistakable shades of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Raspberries, The Records and The Rubinoos. Rob's voice also contains flashes of Roy Orbison and Cliff Richard. Pop Plus One carries the titles "Small Town Boy" and "Better World Tomorrow"."


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