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Paleophonic, The Rubinoos' first album of newly recorded material in 19 years, is chock full of finetunes, but those of you who expect it to be the second coming of Back ToThe Drawing Board should take note that these songs are not all youthfulanthems about falling in love and arcades. Rather, Paleophonic is a variedcollection that displays a far-reaching musical scope within the pop genre.Jon Rubin's voice is as strong and self-assured as ever, sounding as ifhe hasn't aged a bit, and the band's harmonies are as perfect as a newbornbaby. Old fans will take comfort in and absolutely love the opening cutAmnesia, as well as No More Where She Came From and Pursuit Of Happiness,all of which follow the traditional formula. However, when the guys breakaway from what they're known for, they do it with panache and unyieldingskill, such as on You Don't Know Her, a country-ish harmonic exercise whichwould have fit perfectly on Beatles For Sale; So Much For Fairytales, whosediverse guitar licks dance around each other to create exotic images, the50s rhythm-and-blues-group-styled Life In The Slow Lane, and Can I, a garage/glammytune on which Rubin cuts loose in a way not heard before. These belovedpopsters worked long and hard on this album, and it was indeed worth thewait.- David Bash, Bucketful of Brains

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