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The Shaming Of The True - Clear Center Version [Original Mastering]

We recently located 140 The Shaming Of The True CDs that have been in storage for nearly 15 years. These discs contain the original mastering from the year 2000, but were not used because of a disc printing error from the manufacturer. This 'Clear Center' version is identical to the 2000 release with the exception of the aforementioned disc artwork. All 140 discs have been tested; the music sounds great! THESE DISCS ARE NOT SHRINK WRAPPED. BECAUSE OF LIMITED SUPPLY, AND TO BE FAIR, ONLY ONE COPY MAY BE PURCHASED PER CUSTOMER! 

It's hard to say what Kevin Gilbert would be doing today if he hadn't passed away in 1996. Musically, the man could do it all. He could play just about any instrument that you'd put in front of him. He wrote outstanding songs, and then took things one step further by recording, mixing and producing them as well. One of the last projects he was working on was a rock opera called The Shaming of the True, a biting commentary on the music industry at large as seen through the eyes of an aspiring young rock musician named Johnny Virgil.

Unfortunately, Gilbert died before he got the chance to finish the album. What he left behind was a massive collection of tapes with songs in progress (some dating back to the 80's), and only a brief handwritten note describing the current running order of the songs at the time. Several of the tapes were unlabeled. Kevin's long-time friend (and Spock's Beard drummer) Nick D'Virgilio and "a couple of other friends" took on the task of cataloging everything for Gilbert's estate. Soon after that, Blair Lamb and John Cuniberti came in and began working on the opera. Once Cuniberti was involved, "it was me and John C. going full bore," said D'Virgilio. "We re-recorded and mixed at the same time. It just depended on the song and how much it needed."

When you consider the brilliance of Shaming as a whole, it makes you appreciate the insight that D'Virgilio and Cuniberti had into the mind of Gilbert. But first and foremost, it shows Kevin's potential in no uncertain terms. This is one of those rare albums that grabs you the first time you hear it, and then keeps getting better with each listen. The Shaming of the True is Kevin Gilbert's reigning masterpiece. If only he was able to be around to see its completion...

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