Tales From The Treefort

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  • Kelli and Daddy open
  • It's Coming!!!
  • Homeless
  • Under the Sun
  • MFC
  • Life in the City
  • California Spots
  • Cal spots cont.
  • I Love My Car
  • Heats Me Up
  • Stratosphere
  • Kelli part two
  • Not Enuff
  • The Light
  • Kelli ---asking...
  • In Her Eyes
  • The Silence of Death
  • Sign off
Let's journey back together to the Sherwood Forest ofRecording Studios in the Bay Area, The Treefort. Also known as TRS TheRecording Studio, it was conceived in 1978, and lives on to the present day. TheTreefort was/is the home of many artists, and their music still lives in thewalls of this legendary site. Scott Smith, owner and squire of the Fort, has assembled aCD of magical musical moments in this lush 65-minute compilation entitled "Tales from the Treefort." Coming out from behind the thick underbrush, andbounding down from the treetops, the cast of merry men includes StanCotey, Kevin Gilbert, and J. Scott Smith. The first half of the record is atwisted stroll down 80's prog-rock memory lane, and assorted jingles andjangles. The second half are more current pop/prog tunes written andperformed by Scotty. If you are a fan of pretentious English art/rock this is agem for your collection. The exhaustive credits may be had by going to theTreefort's website.

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