Vox Pop

  • Must Be A Word
  • You Don't Know Her
  • Cool & The Crazy
  • Number One To Zero
  • Ink and Paper
  • Offer I Can't Refuse
  • Home To You
  • Repossessed
  • Shanghaied
  • Grey on Grey
  • I Still Want You
  • Stingray
  • Rosetta Stone
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Although the bulk of material was recorded several years ago, Vox Pop sounds anything but dated. Pop fans will instantly recognize the driving guitars and vocals of Dunbar, whose writing and instrumental chops appear here in top form. The energetic "Must Be A Word" kicks the record off with a supercharged power chord riff, contains explosive percussion from Spindt, and of course, features glorious hooks and harmonies. Spindt is perhaps the record's secret weapon, and even dedicated fans of the Rubes will have new appreciation for his talents after listening to Vox Pop.

"Offer I Can't Refuse", "Ink & Paper", and the humorous "Shanghaied" all feature memorable melodies, and the excellent ballad "Grey On Grey" may, in fact, be one of Dunbar's very best songs. "Trust", a Dunbar-Kyle Vincent composition, rocks the house, while the roots-tinged "You Don't Know Her" satisfies and features neat Dunbar chicken-pickin'. "Repossessed" is perhaps the best track of all, courtesy of jangling rhythm guitars, a killer lead guitar break, and a glorious chorus. A few bonus tracks, including "Rosetta Stone", round out this wonderful record. With Vox Pop, Tommy Dunbar and his cohorts aim for the moon and hit it. Simply put, Vox Pop is essential summertime (or anytime!) listening for every Pop fan. - John Holcomb, Amplifier Magazine

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